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Given the future scenarios challenging the agricultural sector such as crippling food demand climate shock and water scarcity, additional research capacity is needed in order to realize the full benefits of organic agriculture and respond to the needs of farmers and consumers. Though there is evidence of a movement toward international collaboration in organic research, such as initiation of transnational research projects and exercises to identify research priorities for organic agriculture, efforts are struggling due to a lack of resources. Thus, the proposed alliance of research centres would enhance organic research for and in developing countries. The ultimate objective of the proposed Alliance is to ensure that the environmental, economic, and social benefits accruing from organic research are shared worldwide and beyond the organic community, as a contribution to sustainable agriculture and poverty alleviation. The concept is designed following a research paradigm that heavily draws on traditional knowledge, improves it with scientific investigation and shares it widely. Research centres may be physical laboratories or "institutions without walls", formed through alliances between producers and scientists, as well as partnerships between institutions in developing and developed countries. The proposed alliance therefore intends to internationally network and strengthen existing institutions with scientific credentials and empower them to become centres of excellence intransdisciplinary and participatory organic agriculture research.